Purity Ceremony

Learn about purity ceremonies, find vows, get ideas and more.

A purity vow/pledge is a promise to stay abstinent until marriage. An individual makes this promise to a future spouse, and to God.

Purity vows/pledges are usually adjusted to an individual’s needs and wants. Some pledges/vows are very simple and short; they are made by signing a paper. While other vows/pledges are very complex; they often include a detailed ceremony with additional witnesses and promises made by fathers to their daughters and daughters to their fathers.

An individual’s preference and dedication is taken into consideration most of the time and purity ceremonies and vows/pledges are adjusted accordingly. The purity pledge/vow should reflect an individual’s desire and determination to abstain from pre-marital sex. After all, it is the individual who makes the vow/pledge to stay abstinent before marriage.